Another interesting quarter has passed. The not-so-surprising vote by the British public to exit from the European Union has most certainly made the world a less safe place, both in terms of financial market risk, but also in terms of the general uncertainty facing current and future generations. The implications of the vote will be felt, more negatively than positively, for many years to come.

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Alongside Brexit, the biggest threat in our view to our way of life is coming, to our great surprise, from the largest economy and market in the world, the United States of America, and the potential election of Mr Donald Trump as the US Presi­dent.

Our piece on Women in Asset Management is really aiming to tease out why wom­en of certain stature and experience, are not making a clearer push for entrepre­neurial success or aim for the top at institutional financial services firms. What are the barriers women are facing, as the gender balance situation fails to improve over the long term?

Impact Investing: while there is certainly an element of greenwashing that con­fuses the picture, there is a outstanding investment opportunity that could be un­locked. We are looking at the headwinds still facing the asset class, one of which being the myth that the asset class fails to deliver in terms of returns. We also note the recent developments in regulation, which may help the Impact Investing space attract assets.

Lastly, we picked up on trend in the Commodity Trade Finance industry. There is much talk about Basel III and the impact it has on the financial services sector as a whole, and CTF sector specifically. We feel that the CTF sector presents tre­mendous opportunities for yield hungry investors with limited risk appetite. We also highlight that the theme touches on Impact Investing, and presents a natural extension of our Impact Investment debate.

We hope you enjoy our thoughts. As always we are at your disposal if you wish to engage further.